Culture & Profile

Nantong SIHE Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. Culture & Profile: For decades, Sheaffer have been continually motivated in providing refined cutlery sets to their customers. The principle of providing better products at competitive prices have been our guidelines and foundation for becoming a leading OEM and ODM knife manufacturer in the world.

In 1952, when Sheaffer was founded in Taiwan; the founder worked extremely hard to produce the most durable and sharpest knives for every Customer's needs. As a result, sheaffer's reputation became widespread throughout Taiwan, formerly known as "King of Knives". During the 1970s, one of founders sons was sent to Japan to learn skills from Japanese kitchen knife manufacturers and had made a great transition from Japanese knife-making skills to making of Chinese and western-style knives after he came back to Taiwan. Nowadays, sheaffer's headquarters and main factory is based in Nantong, Sheaffer is capable of achieving an annual turnover of 30 Million.


  • 1952 – At the age of 32, founder Bao-Guo Wang, father of the today’s owner; start to sell knives to the neighborhood of Nan-tou city.

  • 1955 – At 35, Bao-Guo Wang opened a small knife workshop and sharpening store next to the Taichung City market. With the helps of his four sons, and the insistence on the quality and sharpness of the knives, Sheaffer soon became the most well-known knife provider all over Taiwan.

  • 1969 – Sheaffer established a plant in Taichung City of Taiwan.

  • 1982 – Sheaffer acquire the second plant in Nan Tou City in Taiwan.

  • 1984 – The founder, Bao-Guo Wang has separated his business into 3 parts for his four sons. The eldest one was in charge of the Taichung factory with mainly supplying for the chinese taiwan market; second son, who was assigned with the knife workshop in Taichung City and responsible for the Mainland retail; whereas, third and forth son have the factory in Nan Tou City.

  • 1985 – Third son David Wang and Forth son Gary Wang stepped out for US market; start to produce western-style knives and export them into US.

  • 1996 – Head-quarters of Sheaffer, were moved from Nan Tou City to Shanghai City.

  • 2003 – Second plant was established in Kun Shan City

  • 2017 - Sheaffer moves to Nantong

Professional OEM/ODM Factory /The Real Forged Knife

Sheaffer has been very supportive to our customer in providing our customers the best products with satisfied quality. We always keep customer’s satisfaction as our first priority. Therefore, most of our customers are the largest knife brand within each of the global regions.

Here is how we achieve this goal. We work together with our customer from the beginning of new projects; and through intense emails and samples confirmations, we always achieved the most cost efficient and quality assured products for them. Besides that, Sheaffer constantly explore and research on new knife designs, new material combinations and new knife functions, and provide them to our customers in the real time for their reference. However, to be more professional in cutlery manufacturing, Sheaffer has acquired more than 20 patents in knife-shape designs and more than 30 patents in knife-function designs. Furthermore, Sheaffer is capable of providing any quantity to any customer. We have a total production capacity from both factories of: 300 thousands pieces forged knives per month and one million pieces stamping knives per month.

Sheaffer also has been specialized in mass production with consistent quality to meet customer demands. However, we are more eligible to work with importers or branding companies, as we hope to build up a long-term relationship.