-R & D Innovation-

What make Sheaffer been one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world?

-Forging Technology-

It can reach rockwell hardness of about 60 degrees after forging.

-Product Process-

Cryogenic treatment can be selected after vacuum heat treatment and quenching.

-Quality Assurance-

ISO 8442-1、ISO 8442-5、CATRA laboratory tests.

Nantong SIHE Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.

For decades, Sheaffer have been continually motivated in providing refined cutlery sets to their customers.

The principle of providing better products at competitive prices have been our guidelines and foundation for becoming a leading OEM and ODM knife manufacturer in the world.

Nowadays, sheaffer's headquarters and main factory is based in Nantong, Sheaffer is capable of achieving an annual turnover of 30 Million


Sheaffer has been very supportive to our customer in providing our customers the best products with satisfied quality. We always keep customer’s satisfaction as our first priority. Therefore, most of our customers are the largest knife brand within each of the global regions. Sheaffer also has been specialized in mass production with consistent quality to meet customer demands. However, we are more eligible to work with importers or branding companies, as we hope to build up a long-term relationship.

NanTong Sihe Process

Dimple Grind (Single stone wheel proceed the process of dimple which help in the cut easily)

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