Sheaffer implements the ISO9001-2015 quality management system, and comply with PDCA (Plan-Do-Check Action) management systemfrom product design, moulding, raw material to production, shipment and customer service.


Sheaffer’s production process is designed to meet ISO 8442-1 and ISO 8442-5 Standard; also we have laboratory tests which are complied with the CATRA Lab test standard to scale our knife products. However, we randomly send out our products to CATRA in UK for official test reports which give us a more justified view of the products. We have totally more than 40 inspectors spread between the eight workshops for checking products in progress. However, in the packaging workshop of our production, more inspectors are in place for checking knives one by one on the production floor. The quality control is not only apply to our lab but also apply the hundred percent of inspection on line by the trined quality persons as well as the on line workers with the neccessary tools.

Accurate Calibration  /  On Line Inspection  /  Rockwell Hardness  /  On Line Protection


Micro Analysis

We can clearly see the impurities on the surface of the knife from each production process and analyze how it might affect the final knife product.



Dishwasher test

Purpose: This test procedure is to test the stability of the material.



Salt Spray

Purpose: This test procedure is to measure the corrosion resistance of materials after being exposed to a salt spray chamber.



Cutting Edge Angle
Using the laser beam, we can see the split angles between the projected beams when one source beam divided by the sharp edge of the knife.



CER-Cutting Edge Retention

By cutting a set number layers of paper within few cycles, we discover the durability of the sharpness of the knife.



Bending resistance

We perform bendingb capability of the knife to test out how much vertical force we can apply on the side-wise of the knife before it cracked or damaged.



Cutlery Handle Drop Test

Purpose: The purpose of the test is to insure that the materials used in the manufacturing of handles meet the level of quality and strength desired in Calphalon’s cutlery product lines.