NanTong Sihe Process

A. Dimple Grind (Single stone wheel proceed the process of dimple which help in the cut easily)
B. Hollow Grinding (With the stone wheel grinding to make the portion of blade curve sink)
C. Etching (By the DC with the chemical liquid interaction)
D. Heat-Treatment by the convey belt and after with quenching and optional cryogenic treatment.
E. Packing line with the hundred percent final inspection and make up job.
F. Manually polish apply on the handle with rough and fine finish by different grade of sand belt.
G. Plastic injection / molding on the handle.
H. Taper Grinding with the digital control for high precision.
I. Stone fine finish by the rubber wheel with high
speed for the fine line glossy finish.
J. Cryogenic (ICE Harden) with -70C to increase the tension
anti-rust, life time and duribility on the sharp edge to knife.
K. Sharpening manually with the thickness and angle control
on the edge.