NanTong SIHE Stainless Steel MNF Co.,Ltd.


For decades, Sheaffer have been continually motivated in providing refined cutlery sets to their customers. The principle of providing better products at competitive prices have been our guidelines and foundation for becoming a leading OEM and ODM knife manufacturer in the world.

In 1952, when Sheaffer was founded in Taiwan; the founder worked extremely hard to produce the most durable and sharpest knives for every customers'needs. As a result, sheaffer's reputation became widespread throughout Taiwan, formerly known as "King of Knives". During the 1970s, one of founders sons was sent to Japan to learn skills from Japanese kitchen knife manufacturers and had made a great transition from Japanese knife-making skills to making of Chinese and western-style knives after he came back to Taiwan.

Nowadays, sheaffer's headquarters and main factory is based in Nantong, Sheaffer is capable of achieving an annual turnover of 30 Million