R & D innovation

What make Sheaffer been one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world? One of the most important elements to support this success is the R&D department in Sheaffer. The R&D department is composed of tooling constructions and new product designs. Tooling construction has a direct effect on the quality of the production as the tooling is the soul of every product, without them products can not even exists.




In this department, several tooling techniques are used, lathering, milling, drilling, wire-cutting, electric embossing tooling, and CNC 3-D tooling. These different techniques are used because of different demand on the precision on the tooling needed. For example, the construction to the molds, embossing is used to make cavity from off setting and other shapes that wire-cutting tooling can be applied. Finally, the CNC tooling can make the molds using 3-D drillers according to pre-programmed procedure for initial cavity and core of tooling. Thus, finally achieving the highest precision in dimension ensuring the tooling perfectly sustain long enough for smooth mass production.

Tooling is fully constructed by our engineers, thus provides efficiency in development and maintenance of different tooling

Our customers never need to wonder how long the lifespan of our tooling. Sheaffer guarantees the life of tooling with each

order. One time tooling charges ensures a lifetime guarantee for the life of tooling.